Suffering From Neck, Back and Body Pain ?
Perform a google/search?q=trapezius+gluteal and you might notice that professionals in many walks of the medical and fitness communities consistently cite weakness in the trapezius and gluteus muscles as a major source of neck, back and general body pain.
Think about your own daily #techlife and the crazy repetitive stress that we all endure from typing, sitting and staring at computer screens.
This repetitive stress generally leaves the gluteus and trapezius muscles underdeveloped (or developed in very inbalanced ways) and incapable of supporting natural, happy human movement. These weaknesses, left to the ravages of time, get multiplied to the 'n-th' degree and represent a major source of the muscular inbalances that produce back, neck and body pain.
Consider a Tech Fatigue Recovery Workshop...
A blend of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Classical Mayavada, Yoga, Tai Chi, Wing Chun and Western Strength Training, a Tech Fatigue Recovery Workshop will help you...
  1. Rebalance the major muscle groups of your body
  2. End debilitating Neck, Back and Carpal Tunnel pain
  3. Build a wellspring of personal energy
Who We Are...
The rocket in a rocket ship, the nun in a nunchuka SiFu Tim will help put your body and mind on the path to happiness. A third degree student of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do (Lee => Inosanto => Vunak => Sifu Tim), Sifu Tim brings a profound depth of martial arts lore, western strength training and internal emotional depth to the world. Sifu Tim has dedicated his life to integrating the art and science of physical well-being.
The arrow in a moonbeam, the sparkle in a kitten's eye Mackenzie (aka WellnessFox) has cornered the market on embodied happiness. A trainer, martial artist, yoga muse and bundle of energy, WellnessFox will lead you through the forest of chaos to the beach of peaceful happiness. An NASM certified trainer, a graduate student at CIIS and literally a fitness ninja, Mackenzie will show you how to shoot happiness in its little bullseye.
A veteran US Naval Officer, MBA, International Triathlete, full time software engineer/entrepreneur and someone who suffered serious back, neck and hip pain, Jd found SiFu Tim in November of 2015 and has significantly reengineered his relationship with fitness. Jd's quest to live painfree has been fulfilled by understanding the role of muscular rebalancing. To help others recover from the stress of techlife, Jd dreamed up this workshop.
How It Works...
We offer workshops to individuals, organizations, businesses, small groups and startups. Fill out our form and we'll get back to you within 24-72 hours about our current offerings.